Welcome to Golden Eagle CB.  Starting in 1960 and continuing through 1978, Browning Laboratories produced what many consider to be the ultimate in CB Radio engineering excellence.  This site pays homage to the company and the people responsible for these timeless classics.
Prologue                                                                               10/3/2009

After many years of neglect, I am publishing a new site for GoldenEagleCB.com.  This site was originally created back in November of 1999, and was intended to be the website for Golden Eagle CB Shop. 

Over the years I found myself saying "I need to put that up on my website.  Some of the ideas were written down; others were forgotten as quickly as they had been created.  One of my hopes is to address so many of the myths and fallacious statements that surround some of these radios.  Unfortunately, many  so called "technicians" continue to repeat these erroneous statements as "the gospel", and after time, the statements are just taken as "fact." No better example of this exists today than some of the "facts" stated about Browning's Mark IV product.  Many of these people mindlessly repeat what the "top Browning man in the country" (whoever that is) told them, or what they read on an internet forum rather than get out a Texas Instruments TTL databook, a good logic design book and expand their own knowledge about the subject. 

My first project however, is to work on the History section. Back in 1988 I started researching Browning Laboratories.  I wanted to find out as much as I could about them and their history.

I ended up contacting Gardiner Greene, Jr. and had many conversations with him over a period of about 6 months.  This was long before the days of internet and email.  He was most gracious to me, and spent hours sharing with me the background, history, memories and stories about Browning Labs.  I still have the "notes" from my conversation, but I'm not the best note taker there is.  Some are on whatever paper I could find (I kept on running out of paper while we talked!), and 22 years later my memory might have a problem "deciphering" my thoughts.  I plan on publishing this section first, and work on the remainder of the site after that section is complete.   
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